Tesera Systems delivers Node js solutions with an interdisciplinary team of software developers, consultants, and architects.


We offer our expertise to companies who need world class Node.js solutions. We make your vision come alive with intuitive and innovative mobile and web applications.

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Powerful Node.js Solutions

Development is changing. Node.js — an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment — is now the platform of choice for companies in a range of industries around the world. Web products developed with Node.js are lightweight and incredibly efficient, making Node.js the ideal platform for creating data-intensive software that uses and integrates real-time data.

Node.js solutions to Build Your Vision

Our skilled team of developers offer rapid, cost-effective Node.js solutions that allow us to tackle your projects and meet all your needs. Development with Node.js allows for the creation of solutions that are fully capable of handling multiple client apps and let you forget about traditional computing boundaries.

Why we Love Creating Node JS Solutions

We love Node.js because it works on a model that makes it clean, simple, developer-friendly, and ideal for our favourite projects: data-intensive applications that have to perform in diverse environments and deliver in real-time. We use agile methodology in developing both client- and server-side web applications that are suited to meet diverse business objectives.

A Developer’s Best Friend

Our Node.js solutions are lightweight and flexible, meaning scalability is never a problem. Node.js is good with sync issues, and built using JavaScript — meaning frontend and backend developers can collaborate more easily. Happy developers makes for good products: our Node.js solutions are integrated with AWS and used to build purposeful, modern APIs that are each developed to deliver flawless experiences.

Great products come from great code.

We build cutting edge Node JS products using platforms like AWS, Serverless, Lambda, API Gateway, Elastic, and ES6.

Bring Your Project to Life.

Our expert JavaScript developers are ready to join your team and help execute on your projects.

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