Mackenzie DataStream is open-access, allowing anyone to access, visualize and download full water quality datasets.


Mackenzie DataStream contains high quality data collected by sophisticated monitoring programs. Users can access and download full datasets and use DataStream’s graphing tools to visualize results.


Key design principles include an intuitive interface with high visual impact while maintaining excellent internal functionality.

Protecting a Canadian Treasure/

As part of one of the world’s great river systems, the Mackenzie maintains a place of particular importance in the global ecosystem and for local communities who rely on its waters. Dedicated researchers, communities, and government organizations are committed to monitoring the Mackenzie, but communities and stakeholders across the Mackenzie River basin needed more information to guide their decision-making in the quest to make better and more sustainable decisions for the freshwater management of the river basin.

Collecting the Stream/

With a variety of groups, communities and organizations collecting vast amounts of information on the Mackenzie, it was critical to bring all this information to one place. With data being collected by the terabyte, the need to visualize and analyze huge sums of data was obvious. Tesera’s experience in the presentation of geospatial data, database technologies, and software development made us an ideal fit for the project.

Building the Solution (2015 to 2020)/

The result is the Mackenzie Datastream: an extraordinary, open access data hub allowing users to explore and share the Mackenzie River Basin’s vast water data. The hub contains a wealth of accurate, up-to-date water quality data accrued by governments, communities, and a variety of people committed to maintaining the health of the Mackenzie.


Giving users datasets collected by 22 communities who monitor data like temperature, turbidity, the presence of oil and gas chemicals, is vital to helping people better understand the changing waters of the Mackenzie.

Mapping Canadian Waters/

Users can access elegant, intuitive visualization tools that reveal everything about water in specific parts of the Mackenzie. They can compare and download datasets for use within other applications. Crucially, water collectors can compare and share results, allowing for collaboration and the painting of a more accurate picture of the status of the Mackenzie. Communities and policymakers can now use the data to make decisions on water management and land development that will continue to impact the river system.


Openly accessible; free to use; sharable; password-free; the DataStream is the intuitive, accessible result of a remarkable idea that’s allowing a growing community of dedicated people to make sure that the Mackenzie remains intact and healthy in the years to come.