Tesera Systems delivers GIS solutions with an interdisciplinary team of GIS software developers, consultants, and architects.


We offer our expertise to companies who need world class GIS developers. We make your vision come alive with intuitive and innovative mobile and web applications.

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GIS Solutions to Map Your Vision

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, give you the power to visualize, query, and analyze geographical data. Tesera has 20 years of experience providing best-in-class GIS solutions and mapping services for projects of all sizes.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Opportunities

Being able to map data and analyze it spatially opens up a world of possibilities. But GIS isn’t just about displaying information visually. It’s about offering a deeper awareness of the relationships between locations and how your organization can harness that knowledge.

Some of our GIS Projects

A Map Tells a Thousand Words

By merging multiple layers of data about an area, GIS can offer a flexible and in-depth understanding of a given location in ways traditional mapping tools can’t.


Tesera’s GIS solutions have been deployed in a range of scenarios, helping a variety of professionals achieve their targets: from municipal decision makers to risk assessment professionals to emergency management teams.

Why we love building GIS products

We think of our GIS solutions and applications as a framework for enhancing communication between different teams, departments, disciplines, professional fields, organizations, and the public. This framework works with full transaction support and reporting tools so you don’t just understand your challenges — you can execute the solution.

GIS solutions built on great code

We build cutting edge GIS products using platforms like Mapbox, Carto, AWS, and ArcGis Online.

Bring Your Project to Life.

GIS solutions to transform your business: our experts are ready to talk to your team and help execute on your projects.

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