High Resolution Inventory Services

(Forest Inventory) - Tesera Systems Inc.

HRIS incorporates LiDAR and other geospatial data/imaging technologies to deliver the industry’s most detailed, accurate and reliable inventory of natural resources. HRIS provides the data and analytics required for cost effective forestry, land use planning and sustainable resource management.


HRIS has greatly improved Spray Lake Sawmills staff efficiency and safety. In terms of layout in the field, we now spend 50% less time performing this task. Tesera is also developing a forest inventory which will further improve our planning and operation efficiencies – we can’t wait to put it into use.
— Matt Denney, R.P.F. - SLS Strategic Planning Forester
Our HRIS Knife Creek results are tantalizing… I’m really excited that we are getting to the point where a bunch of folks can debate the merits of managing our forests in different ways, and then quickly analyze the results and implications. Great stuff.
— Ken Day, MF, RPF, Manager | UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest

The Challenge

Current approaches for developing forestry, natural resource and environmental inventories are labor-intensive, subjective, inaccurate and not easily replicated. Spray Lake Sawmills needed precise, high resolution inventory data to support sustainable forestry, land use and environmental decision-making on an operational, tactical and strategic basis.

The Solution

HRIS uses advanced predictive analytics to reduce the cost and dramatically speed up the production of highly accurate natural resource inventory attributes and maps. HRIS empowers users to explore more types of inventory analyses (what if) and produces results that are more timely, realistic and reliable.

The Results

High resolution maps and detailed datasets of forestry, vegetation, hydrological and other environmental resources allowed SLS decision-makers to better understand available inventories, optimize their production and supply chains, while minimizing their planning and operational costs and environmental footprint.