Asset Tracking App

A web-based SmartMAT application that can spatially track and report the locations of RFID-enabled mats that are leased and/or purchased from GEMS.

Tesera has been outstanding in helping us design & develop our software infrastructure and web application. Their product quality, flexibility, and timeliness exceeded our expectations. They’re also great people who are highly intelligent and enjoyable to work with.
— Steve Reid, Golden Environmental Mat Services (GEMS)

The Challenge

GEMS recognized a significant and growing market opportunity to provide organizations deploying rig mats in remote locations with more accurate and timely asset and inventory tracking information. Current industry practices involve manually counting up to 10,000 mats at a single job site which often result in inaccurate billing and productivity inefficiencies.

The Solution

Tesera, collaborating with sensor and hardware experts at SensorUp developed a new innovative web/mobile application. The technology is integrated with RFID and GPS-tags embedded into the wooden mat. The solution provides a dashboard that allows GEMS (and its clients) to accurately track and manage the location and condition of its mats on a near real-time basis. Simplicity, scalability and durability in the design and user interface were a priority for the project.

The Result

GEMS is the first company in the world to offer SmartMats with web/mobile-based location-tracking systems integrated into the rig mat. GEMS was also the award winner at the 2015 RFID Live Start UP Competition in San Diego. The integration of these web-enabled technologies and approaches will support new collaborative and data-centric ways of decision-making that will improve GEM’s business productivity and environmental outcomes – across a class of different clients and projects.