Mackenzie DataStream

Project Partner: The Gordon Foundation

The Mackenzie Basin is an open data sharing platform for sharing water quality information in the Northwest Territories. This platform makes water quality information visible to communities so that the general public can access the quality of the water in their area.

I am so glad we selected Tesera because you are more than just a tech company. You are aligned with the project and its values, and you can speak to the broader strategy.
— Carolyn DuBois Water Program Manager, The Gordon Foundation

The Challenge

To provide communities and decision-makers at multiple levels across the Mackenzie River Basin with access to the information they need to make sustainable freshwater management decisions.

The Solution

Tesera, collaborating with the Gordon Foundation and the Government of the Northwest Territories developed an innovative open source web-based data platform that ensures communities engaged in local water monitoring and stewardship programs have access to timely and meaningful information about the health of these waters. Mackenzie DataStream is designed with the flexibility to easily scale and incorporate a wide variety of datasets.

The Result

Users can access, visualize, and download water quality datasets collected by 22 communities, as part of the NWT-wide Community-Based Monitoring program. Through this program, community members monitor dissolved metals, turbidity, temperature, chlorophyll-a, as well as oil and gas chemicals (hydrocarbons). Moving forward in Phase II, Mackenzie DataStream will incorporate datasets collected by other groups in the Mackenzie River Basin.