GIS Portal

Accessibility and discovery have importance beyond simply finding and using data. We designed the GIS Portal to enable any user to discover the location-based data and apps, support tasks and case studies to help them better understand what is happening across the RMWB and to inspire thought.
— Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

The Challenge

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) endeavors to be as transparent as possible and makes general information available to the public. With the growing amount of location-based information, tools, applications and solutions in use across the region, a broader solution for GIS data accessibility and discovery was required.

The Solution

Tesera designed a new web-based GIS Portal for RMWB. We went beyond providing excellent data discovery and exploration tools to ensuring that favorite applications and key automated tasks were also discoverable. For non-technical users, we provided intuitive case studies, videos and support functions so that they can learn and understand how GIS data and tools can support them and their community.

The Results

The GIS Portal will form a hub for RMWB’s leading GIS and Advisory Services. This scalable and robust solution will allow municipal staff and the public to easily search, access and share the latest data, developments and insights by location across the entire RMWB region.