Julianno Sambatti

DATA SCIENTIST - March, 2016 to present

Vancouver, BC


Tesera Systems Inc.

  • Understand client needs and objectives through interactions with the client.
  • Identify datasets that can be used to meet these needs and objectives.
  • Identify statistical approaches to analyzing data that is consistent with fulfilling client needs and objectives.
  • Analyze the data using available tools with customization as required.
  • Extend, update, and document existing Python and R based analytical software.  
  • Develop new Python and R based analytical software components.  
  • Write reports summarizing the problem, the methods and the results, including identifying strengths and weaknesses in the methods applied.
  • Capable and effective at presenting the results to clients and audiences who do not have a strong background in statistics and data analysis.
  • Work with software WEB and APP developers to automate the analytical procedures for broader application.
  • Monitor and analyze leading analytical tools (e.g. Amazon Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, SciKit Learn, and others) for opportunities to improve our processes and efficiency. 


Research and Development Scientist and Sales Engineer - July, 2014 to March, 2016

Bradar - Embraer Defesa & Segurança

  • Development of new businesses for BRADAR´s sales department.
  • Development of BRADAR´s airborne RADAR technology for measuring forest biomass/carbon stocks, deforestation, degradation and other forest attributes. 
  • Development of applications for Bradar´s airborne Radars (approved GREEN patent for this technology – patent number BR102012023460-2A2) 
  • Publication of scientific papers and reports.
  • Representing BRADAR at scientific and commercial meetings.
  • Provision of technical expertise for new applications of radar technology in measuring vegetation attributes (application of multispectral cameras to measure vegetation attributes).
  • Coordination of proposal preparation. R&D proposal to ANEEL (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica, Brazil). 

Consultant and Business Development - 2007 to July, 2014

Carbon Planet (Timberline Ltd)

  • Identification of business opportunities for forest carbon economy and other environmental services in Brazil
  • Assistance on establishing partnerships between foreign and local stakeholders.
  • Structuring foreign company's activities in Brazil (for www.profoco.co.uk and www.carbonplanet.com)
  • Help to structure a CSR approach to channel money into conservation projects (mygreensquares.com)
  • Liaising with local stakeholders
  • Project development
  • Provision of scientific and strategic advice
  • Help with sales of REDD carbon credits.
  • Provision of advice in drafting contracts and agreements and review of contracts and agreements.



PhD in Ecology by the University of California at Davis

Master in Genetics and plant breeding - Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz of the University of São Paulo – Brazil

Agronomy Engineer Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz of the University of São Paulo – Brazil



  • Languages - English, Portuguese, German, French and Spanish
  • Specialties: Ecology, data analysis with R, experimentation, radar remote sensing, forestry remote sensing applications, business development.