Ian Moss

CHIEF ANALYTICS OFFICER - March, 2015 to present

STRATEGIC ANALYST - September, 2009 to March, 2015

Victoria, BC


Tesera Systems Inc.

  • Ian started with Tesera in September, 2009. He has continued the work started at ForesTree Dynamics, particularly as it relates to stand structure classification, and the development of enhanced forest inventories using remote sensing tools in combination with ground and/or photo sample plot data. 
  • Ian has been responsible for developing the statistical approach and supporting algorithms and software for developing risk assessment models  relating the occurrence of Insurance Board of Canada damage claims to municipal infrastructure and land use characteristics.


Owner, 2001 to September, 2009
ForesTree Dynamics Ltd.

ForesTree Dynamics was incorporated in May, 2000 as a forestry consulting firm. As the sole owner and employee, Ian was working extensively in the areas of forest economics, inventory, growth and yield and landscape dynamics. The business was founded in support of better forest and stand management decision-making. In particular it was focused on improving the way in which strategic forest-level impact assessments were made, so as to better inform stand-level decisions.


Senior Consultant, June, January 1999 to April, 2001
D.R. Systems Ltd. - Nanaimo, BC

Ian was involved in developing yield models for Nigeria, developing growth curves for uneven-aged Douglas-fir stands (Lignum Ltd.), undertook fire damage appraisals, assessed a large private land sales transaction in terms of V-day capital gains, and conducted corporate valuations for the purposes of raising capital from the bank. With the support of Don Reimer, Ian also undertook an analysis of the costs versus benefits of increasing the level of polygon stratification for the purpose of forest inventory in the Interior Douglas-fir portions of the Cariboo.


Private Lands Forester, June, 1998 until December, 1999
Pacific Forest Products Ltd.

Ian assisted with the development of internal management guidelines, led the development of an enhanced silviculture prescription process, and designed and implemented a plot-based inventory. These activities were done with the assistance of a GIS / Inventory Forester, two silviculturists and one technician. Ian was promoted the cessation of commercial thinning operations in response to weak pulp markets.


Manager of Silviculture, December 1992 to 1995
Northwood Pulp and Timber Ltd.

Ian joined Northwood as Manager, Silviculture, but was shifted in 1995 to the Prince George Business Unit.


Forestry Officer, Growth and Yield,  January to November, 1992
Forestry Canada, Prince George, BC

Ian was responsible for initiating mixed wood spruce-aspen research. The primary argument for managing for mixed woods was related to the creation of wildlife habitat. Ian initiated work with Dr. Art Lance of IFS to conduct a literature review of wildlife species use in mixed woods, and to conduct field studies of bird species occurrence relative to landscapes that ranged from relatively homogeneous to complex.


Silviculture Department Manager, April, 1986 to December, 1991
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd.

Ian’s responsibilities included working closely with 10 members of staff to aid in the development of silvicultural plans with primary concern for timber, water, soil, fisheries and wildlife resources. Direct services were provided to clients through pre-harvest prescriptions and post‑harvest site and stand assessments.


Private Consultant, December 1983 to August 1984

The following contracts were completed with the BC Ministry of Forests:

  • Silviculture reconnaissance surveys - Houston.
  • Row fire rehabilitation plan - Houston.
  • Regeneration surveys - Houston.
  • Silviculture Prescription Guide for the Coastal Cedars, Pine, Hemlock Zone - Research Branch, Victoria.


Management Interpretations Forester, January 1981 to December, 1983
Research Section, BC Ministry of Forests

Ian worked in the Research Section of the Ministry of Forests' Prince Rupert Forest Region in Smithers, B.C. - reporting to the Regional Ecologist.


Field Forester II, May 1979 to December 1980
MacMillan Bloedel

Ian worked in Tree Farm License 21, Sarita Division, Port Alberni reporting to the Divisional Forester. Responsibilities included: administration of section 88, aiding in the formulation of annual plans, pesticide applications, production reports, file and map updating. Thirty to fifty percent of Ian’s time was spent on crew supervision in slash burning, planting, mechanical and chemical release, spacing, roadside brushing and assessment of openings and stands for future silvicultural treatments. Ian also substituted for the Divisional Forester.


Consultant, May to September, 1978
Alan Moss and Associates Ltd.

Ian was involved in a feasibility study of a log processing system designed to increase the utilization of decadent cedar stands commonly found in the south, central portion of British Columbia. Ian also visited Iran to view, and later assist in the development of, the Sari Forest Development Project in the Province of Mazanderan.



University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Ian completed a Ph.D. in Forestry in April, 2012. The area of study was forest biometrics. The topic of his dissertation was stand structure classification, succession and mapping using LiDAR.

University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.

Ian attended the School of Forest Resources between September, 1984 and April, 1986, completing my Master's degree in 1988.  Studies focused on the understanding and application of forest productivity concepts to silviculture with emphasis on tree physiology. 

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.

Ian attended the University of British Columbia from September 1975 to May 1979 before receiving a Bachelor's degree in Forestry with emphasis in Forest Management.



  • Registered member of the Association of British Columbia Professional Foresters. Ian was a member of the Board of Examiners 1996-2008.
  • Member of the Society of American Foresters
  • Full member of the Sigma Xi society for the advancement of science.
  • Member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry, and recipient of Tree of Life Award (1996).               
  • Member of the Forest Biometrics Institute, University of Montana and licensed user of the Forest Projection System, an inventory and growth and yield modeling framework developed by Dr. Jim Arney.



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