SENIOR DATA ANALYST - March, 2016 to present
ANALYSIS MANAGER - November, 2006 to March, 2016
RESOURCE ANALYST - May, 2003 to November, 2006

Calgary, Alberta


Tesera Systems Inc.

  • Spray Lake Sawmills and UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest, Knife Creek Block – Developing High Resolution Forest Inventories for these clients.  Performed Project Management, imagery, LiDAR and data management specialist in these projects. 
  • Alberta Forest Growth Organization – Performed Project Management, Testing and Domain Specialist Roles for a project to share Permanent Sample Plot data for Alberta via the web.  Allows members to upload their data, decide on information to be shared and download all shared data.  Benefits of this project is that companies/AESRD can pool data for modelling and develop more effective data sampling/re-measurement programs across organizations into the future.  
  • Devon Canada/HAB-TECH Environmental – Assisted HAB-TECH to develop a linear feature inventory to measure disturbance impacts in the oil sands region using LiDAR, Color Infrared Imagery and Plot Data.  These disturbance impacts were assessed with respect to Caribou Habitat Planning, identifying areas target areas for rehabilitation.
  • Devon Canada/ Complete Crossings Incorporated – Assisted CCI with developing an integrated assessment approach to evaluating pipeline projects, (PIPE-360).  The initial phase was manual reviews on a pipeline without automating stages using technology.
  • Enbridge/Complete Crossings Incorporated – Assisted CCI on Timber Salvage Mapping for BC leg of Northern Gateway Pipeline.
  • Urban Forest Management Plans for Banff and Canmore – Project Manager, GIS, Mapping and Database lead for this project.  Attended and presented information and final report/findings at public sessions and to town council. Developed inventory protocols in association with project team.  Provided field support in performing assessments and inventory data. Researched Urban Forest Management Plans throughout Canada and United States to identify leading class best management practices.  Main author of the final report. 
  • EnCana – provide VBA programming/database and GIS support for various information management elements required by the project. 
  • Sundre Forest Products – Assist SFP staff in developing Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) Management Plan, Harvest Blocking using Tesera Models, and perform peer-review of SFP’s MPB Plan. 
  • C5 Road Networking – Lead in developing Road Networking plan for the C5 Forest Management Unit. 
  • Spray Lake Sawmills - Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP).  Primary managing consultant for Spray Lake Sawmills, other consultants and SRD. Responsible for all phases of this project - from management, modelling and report writing.
  • Spray Lake Sawmills – facilitation of public workshop for the SLS Detailed Forest Management plan.
  • Morice and Lakes Innovative Forest Practices Agreement (IFPA) - multiple Resource Analysis projects for the area.  Developed growth & yield projections and scenarios dealing with Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic, draft poly changes, intensive silviculture, Type 2 Silviculture Investment Strategies, etc.  Wrote a number of reports required by government and clients.  Developed automated processes for annual indicator reporting using GIS AMLs/VBA within an MS Access environment.
  • Tembec Industries - Lead Analyst for assessing impacts of Alternative Silviculture Strategies/High Value Conservation Forests on Timber Supply using both COMPLAN and ATLAS/FPS Forest Estate Models. 


Forest Inventory/GIS Forester - January, 2003 to May, 2003

Olympic Resource Management Inc., Poulsbo, Washington

  • GIS Department Manager for Olympic Resource Management Inc. 
  • Assisted in developing forestry applications, including Forest Management Decision Support Systems, Obligation Tracking Systems and Cruise Compilation/Inventory Programs. 
  • Created automated annual update procedures within the GIS/Database/Modelling environments used within Adaptive Management Frameworks for Resource Planning Initiatives/Timber Supply Modelling within Canada and the United States.


Senior Resource Planning Analyst - September, 1999 to December, 2002

Olympic Resource Management Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Project Manager for Olympic Resource Management Inc. with respect to Forest Resource Planning and GIS/Mapping projects.
  • Assisted in the development of Detailed Forest management Plans and Habitat Suitability Analyses for Canfor Grande Prairie & Weyerhaeuser Grande Prairie.
  • Fire Return Interval and Impact Assessment using CroSUM and AVI2FP models for Canfor Grande Prairie.
  • Lead Analyst for developing Harvest Schedules and forecasting Equivalent Clearcut Area for Riverside Forest Products Ltd. and Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. in the Mission Creek Community Watershed using COMPLAN.
  • Conducted numerous Timber Supply Analyses & 20-Year Plans using COMPLAN, within British Columbia.


Assistant Forest Engineer - November, 1994 to September, 1999

Terminal Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, British Columbia

  • Conducted and supervised all aspects of the cruising operations for cutting permit applications.  Involved planning, administration, training staff, data collection, data compilation and supervision of consultants.
  • Managed waste & residue operations for Terminal Forest Products Ltd.  Including administration, planning, supervising contractors, analyzing results and preparing reports for supervisors and MoF.
  • Performed cut-block layout & road location for aerial, cable and ground-based harvesting systems.  
    Developed a mapping application using Avenue (ArcView’s programming language) to allow forestry staff to utilize digital data for quicker rendering of maps for the Silviculture Prescriptions, Logging Plans, Road Permits, etc.



Bachelor of Science (Forestry) - 1994
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick



  • Experienced in using various LiDAR processing software, including LAStools and FUSION/LDV
  • Programming Skills include Avenue, VB, VBA and Python
  • Experienced with various simulation and optimization models used in forest planning, including Tesera’s Forest Estate Modelling System, COMPLAN, ATLAS/FPS, ALCES, and Spatial Woodstock/Stanley.
  • Use of Growth & Yield programs VDYP, TIPSY and Prognosis.
  • Use of Alberta Fire Modelling programs, such as Prometheus, CroSUM and AVI2FP.
  • Use of ESRI platforms such as ArcView 3.2, ArcGIS, ArcInfo workstation.
  • Use of MS Office Applications, Database Design & Management and Database Programming.
  • Use of CruiseComp software package owned by the Industrial Forestry Service Ltd. for timber valuations and cutting permit submissions.  
  • Experienced user of the ROADENG software package to create road designs, deflection profiles and mapping of cut-block boundaries, etc.



  • Registered Professional Forester with College of Alberta Professional Foresters (CAPF)
  • Member of Canadian Institute of Forestry, Rocky Mountain Section