carol ann crouse

SENIOR DATA ANALYST - March, 2015 to present

RESOURCE ANALYST - May, 2003 to March, 2015

Calgary, Alberta  


Tesera Systems Inc.

  • Data Analysis and Quality Control – Responsible for a variety of analyses and data statistical summaries of both spatial and non-spatial data including GIS, LiDAR and natural resources data.  This included data collection, quality control and processing and summarizing various datasets.
  • Timber Supply Analysis - Responsibility for undertaking timber supply analysis, spatial/aspatial analysis and associated technical writing for a variety of clients in both British Columbia and Alberta.  Performed spatial and aspatial modelling simulations using the Tesera proprietary timber supply model for harvest scheduling and long-term management planning.
  • Urban Forest Management Plans – Provided data compilation and analysis of field data using iTree urban forest software.  Produced a variety of mapping and visual products related to urban forest management for reporting and community presentation purposes.
  • Water Needs Assessment – Responsible for the preparation, assembling and quality control of spatial data from various sources.  Produced final datasets and mapping products used for water needs assessment within various First Nations Reserves. 
  • Growth & Yield - Experienced in using Growth & Yield programs VDYP and TIPSY.
  • Data Processing and Analysis – Analyzed modelling outputs using VBA programming within MS Access and Excel.  Assisted with analysis of growth and yield, inventory and GIS projects.
  • GIS Mapping - Produced mapping products including wetland/wildlife classification, operational (SP, CP, FDP) maps as well as maps resulting from Timber Supply Analyses using ESRI systems (ArcView, Arc/Info or ArcGIS and ArcMap) for numerous clients.  Performed digitizing, data editing, cleaning and analysis of spatial data for projects such as wetland classification, wildlife habitat and landscape footprint for various clients.

Resource Analyst/Project Manager (September, 1996 – May, 2003)

Olympic Resource Management, Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Timber Supply Analysis – Performed a variety of Timber Supply Analyses and Management Plans for many timber companies and government ministries in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State.  Performed modelling simulations using a variety of spatial and aspatial timber supply models for harvest scheduling, habitat requirements and landscape analysis including COMPLAN, Woodstock and ATLAS.
  • Data Processing and Analysis – Analyzed modelling results using VBA programming within MS Access and FoxPro, and Excel.  Assisted senior managers with analysis of growth and yield, economic, cruise compilation, inventory and GIS projects.  Provided generalist capabilities for the Technical Services department within ORM.
  • Database Application Development – Developed and maintained a library document system for all company research materials and Project documents.  Created and managed a project archival system, including archival protocols and database application.
  • GIS and Mapping – Prepared datasets for Timber Supply Analyses using Arc/Info and ArcGIS, including data editing, cleaning and automated overlay procedures.  Produced operational (SP, CP, FDP) maps as well as maps resulting from Timber Supply Analyses in MicroStation and ESRI systems (ArcView, Arc/Info or ArcGIS and ArcMap).
  • Cruise Compilation – Produced Cruise Compilation reports using ORM’s CRUISECOMP program for timber appraisal by numerous clients.  Prepared cruise plan packages for clients and in-house use.  Provided technical support for the development of a new Windows-based Cruise Compilation software program (CRUISECOMP).
  • Office Administration – Responsible for office administration, HR and day-to-day office operations including invoicing.
  • Marketing and Communications – Developed and incorporated on-line help manuals for all of ORM’s commercial software products including COMPLAN and CRUISECOMP.  Responsible for producing Company product marketing information sheets and quarterly newsletters. Responsible for report editing, technical writing and final report presentation. Responsible for developing project documentation and data management stands.

Silviculture Surveyor (1994 – 1995)

Quillicum Reforestation, Port Hardy, British Columbia  

  • Performed regeneration and free-to-grow silviculture surveys throughout coastal British Columbia.
  • Produced reports and mapping of survey results using a silviculture software package.


Bachelor of Science (Forestry) 1994

University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Geographic Information Systems Advanced Diploma (1996)

British Columbia Institute of Technology


  • Various simulation and optimization models used in forest planning, including Tesera’s Forest Estate Modelling System, COMPLAN, and Spatial Woodstock/Stanley.
  • Growth & Yield programs VDYP and TIPSY.
  • ESRI platforms such as ArcInfo and ArcGIS.
  • Safe FME software
  • MS Office Applications, Database Design & Management and Database Programming.


  • Registered Professional Forester with College of Alberta Professional Foresters (CAPF)
  • Registered Professional Forester with Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP)
  • Member of Canadian Institute of Forestry