SENIOR SYSTEMS DEVELOPER - March, 2015 to present

Calgary, Alberta


Tesera Systems Inc.

  • Middleware and server side integrations and adapting solutions in .NET, PHP, Python, Java and NodeJS

Senior Software Developer (2013 - March, 2015)

Live Out There Inc.

  • Responsible for platform, processes and team development.
  • Overhauled the release process, testing and performance tools and introduced code quality controls.
  • Started and trained a successor to develop an automated test suite using Watir and Cucumber and load test critical customer paths using Gatling.
  • Migrated the frontend development process to modern frameworks such as Foundation, Bower and Grunt for responsive development and common methodologies.
  • Responsible for server side development and maintenance of Magento and integrations, mainly Optimal Payments, Canada Post, Bronto and a custom ERP system.
  • Converted a MySQL driven product listing and details pages to ElasticSearch and AngularJS for exponential performance gains and decoupled Magento components.
  • Architected new server infrastructure for Live Out There to leverage a Magento host in UK and North American Amazon EC2 instances for client site ElasticSearch operations.
  • Implemented a real time cart leveraging NodeJS, ElasticSearch and Socket.IO.
  • Optimize site code is for optimal utilization of Redis and Memcache for session and cache management.
  • Oversaw junior developers, mentored on new tools and technologies and ensured their careers at Live Out There progressed.

Technical Lead (2009 - 2013)

Evans Hunt Group

  • Oversee development team and establishing new internal tools and technologies.
  • Responsible for new web development on Linux and Windows platforms and maintaining ongoing projects.
  • Introduced build systems, continuous integrated development, functional testing and solution reviews.
  • Technical director at, development and maintenance of a large scale Magento e-commerce solution.
  • Development of new Magento plug-ins and extending existing ones to offer a streamlined consumer experience.
  • Server migration and optimization, boosting page loads and increasing traffic throughput without additional hardware costs.
  • Developed a series of iPhone/Android applications with Babybot/WNRS including SnowRumble, Hallowcarver and MeeWeeTree.
  • SnowRumble engine licensed to create a successful marketing spin off, Babybot: SnowRumble vs. Monster.
  • Freelance developer and traveler focusing on new technologies and personal development.
  • Lead developer for CriticalMass' Nissan client, development of mobile tools and processes for car selection.
  • Lead developer for Suitcase, developing J2EE web based team management system for Calgary United Soccer Association.
  • Lead developer at Enoch, Australia developing various in house billing tools and custom CMS solutions.
  • Developer at Evans Hunt Group, providing mobile development guidance and site development on WestJet Festivals.

Lead Developer (2006 - 2009)

Karo Group

  • Managing development projects and meeting with stakeholders.
  • Designed and developed a complex web site and integrated e-ticketing for Epcor Center for Performing Arts on Sitecore.NET and Tessitura.
  • redesign, development and server design and deployment on Sitecore.NET.
  • Developing iPhone apps and mobile solutions, most notably, event organizer for Calgary Stampede.
  • developer, systems integration and middleware development for a retail and web based wine distributor.
  • Managing Karo's internal system environment, deployment processes, development practices and standardization.

Prior to 2006

  • Senior developer at University of Calgary with Corporate Business Unit.
    • Working primarily with Oracle/J2EE to extend facility management tool Archibus.
    • Middleware development for various business unit working with University of Calgary on C#/ASP.NET platform.
    • Developed OraSync, first mobile application to sync calendars between Windows Mobile Phone and Oracle Suite.
  • Tools and technologies developer at Electronic Arts Canada.
    • Research and development of high level shaders and game engine integration.
  • Software developer at Schlumberger responsible for in-house middleware and deployment processes.
  • Lead developer at, developer of the original CMS dating back to 1999.
    • Server management and deployment, new software development and integration of third party tools and utilities.


Bachelor of Computer Science with Internship, University of Calgary (2005)


  • Worked with various source control systems including SourceSafe, subversion, git and mercurial.
  • Proficient database knowledge of MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and stored procedures, normalization, security, triggers and replication.
  • .NET development with MVC3/C#/.NET4.0/MSSQL and strong background of productivity helpers such as Fluent NHibernate, Ninject, NLog, NUnit, Resharper, Team City and Enterprise libraries.
  • Linux development with PHP/Python and strong background of frameworks such as Doctrine, Drupal, CakePHP, Zend, Codeigniter and Pylons.
  • Linux administration installing and configuring SAMBA, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postgresql, FTP, password-less SSH access and IP tables.
  • Some Windows Server administration skills mainly around IIS/MSSQL and FTP.
  • Strong J2EE development skills with Java 1.6 and Apache Tomcat.
  • Proficient web development with CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, jQuery Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap and LESS. 
  • Familiar with various development methodologies and patterns including Agile, Scrum, MVC.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, clear and concise at stakeholder interviews, requirements gathering and technical documentation.
  • Strong iOS/Mobile development with Objective-C, XCode, Cocos 2D, Corona and jQuery Mobile.
  • Some Sharepoint 2010 knowledge around custom templating, document management, security levels and VS2010 integrated development.